Elegant and Refreshing Cocktails Perfect for Your spring and Summer Wedding

A cherry julep cocktail

This Cocktail and spring wedding is a match made in heaven. Sweet cherry brandy and refreshing lemon juice balance a substantial amount of crushed ice.

Italian Margaritas with Amaretto

This cocktail calls for orange juice, tequila, lime juice, and a sweet amaretto almond liqueur — perfectly blending tropical and warm flavors for a sweet Spring cocktail your guests won’t be able to stop drinking.

Strawberry Peach Frosé

Yes, a slushy containing rosé, strawberries, peaches, and white rum could be a fun signature wedding drink. The frozen fruits turn this “frosé” into a sweet yet relentless cocktail.

Fresh Bellini

Even if you couldn’t make an Italian destination wedding happen, you can still bring that flavor to your bar! This bellini recipe calls for fresh peaches, which brings a full texture and a heaping of decadence to the cocktail (but frozen peaches will also do the job).

Blueberry Gin Sour

Frozen blueberries make this gin sour refreshingly tart. Top it all with a lemon peel to present one gorgeous cocktail.

Citrus Smash

You can choose from two equally delicious and unique flavors for this recipe: lemon curd and orange marmalade. You can use either of these fruit spreads or mix the two juicy citrus flavors for an even more special cocktail.

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